Awakening of the Majestic Lotus

Awakening of the Majestic Lotus


The Majestic Lotus is not just the name of our brand, it symbolizes so much more. The founder/owner of our brand has always adored the elephant and the lotus. The elephant is so MAJESTIC They are strong, resilient, wise, emotional, loyal, and compassionate. She related to the animal when she herself overcame struggles in her journey of life and realized that nothing could stop her from doing any thing in this life.

The LOTUS is a flower that she related to. How can one "relate" to a flower? Well, the journey of a lotus from seed to bloom is a tough journey. They begin as a seed in the mud of ponds, lakes and water gardens. From that seed they grow roots to keep them grounded. During its growth process, there are many obstacles that could possible halt their growth such as fish/birds consuming them. Once they have reached the surface and are in full bloom, their beauty is shown. This shows that through all obstacles thrown our way in life, we have to be determined to come out on top. WE MUST BE RESILIENT. 

Hence, the  MAJESTIC LOTUS was born. Through the founders struggle of various obstacles that life had thrown and still throws her way, she always comes out on top with more knowlege and drive to keep going. 

Life is short. We must never let anything stop us from fulfilling our dreams. We must live in the present and never forget the past. Most importantly, we must look at the good in every situation. 

We are not in this life to compete. We are in it to succeed. -Trish Jay